How to Earn Points with Product Reviews

Genuine product reviews from real players who are not professionals are extremely important to Racquet Network. These reviews help us decide which products we should continue to carry and which we should eliminate from our retail lineup.

Over the past five years, feedback from players and customers has caused us to stop carrying several brands, including Head and Manta, and has inspired us to carry others, including Yonex and Tourna. Customer feedback has also stopped us from adding some brands, such as Black Knight and Oliver to our shelves and our website.

In fact, we value product reviews so highly that we give members of this community 20 points and a discount coupon for every review submitted.


Step 1 – Purchase a product or service on
Step 2 – Review that product or service within 30 days
Step 3 – Racquet Network’s system will automatically send you a coupon code
Step 4 – Forward a copy of that email along with a request to add 20 points to your account
Step 5 – Please be clear about which community you want the points to be assigned to (e.g. Tennis Calgary, Squash Calgary, etc.)
Step 6 – Once the review is verified, our staff will add the points to your balance.

It does not matter to us whether product reviews are positive or negative. We want your honest opinion because your reviews and the reviews of other players help us determine what we should carry in our store and offer on our website.


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