How to Earn Points with Referrals

As a player, you probably know other players who would enjoy being a part of our community. Referring these people to this website can help you earn points and increase your rank and your benefits. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below and please be courteous. While we want referrals that help our community grow, we do not want you to spam your friends.


Step 1 – Login to this website.

(Note: If you are not logged in, the referral link in Step 2 will not work.)

Step 2 – Copy your referral link (as follows), paste it into an email and send it to someone:[mycred_affiliate_id]

Step 3 – When the email recipient visits this website, the system will add points to your balance.

Please do you spam people with referral emails. Our system limits the maximum number of visitors that you can earn points for each day. Our advice is to limit referrals to a few each day in order to maximize your points.


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