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  • open to everyone
  • new members welcome
  • connect with other runners
  • free lessons and programs
  • free product demos
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  • player reviews
  • high community standards
  • ladies-only options


This online service is provided as a gift to Calgary’s racquet sports community by Racquet Network. It is our way of saying thank you to the thousands of racquet sports players who have supported our family-owned business since 2004. It is part of a larger community that includes Tennis Calgary, Squash Calgary, Pickleball Calgary, Badminton Calgary, Running Calgary and Racquet Network Jr.

Members of this community get access to up-to-date information about facilities, programs, activities and races. They can register for free lessons, training programs, product demos and social activities. They can also find and connect with other runners at their level.


Racquet Network coaches are active on this site daily. They post messages about scheduled group activities, try to answer questions posed by members and generally try to encourage people to become engaged. However, coaches are not permitted to become socially involved with the players and cannot participate in games or matches.

Racquet Network retail staff are generally not involved in community activities and are not fully aware of the schedule for this community. If you have questions about this community or its schedule of activities, post your questions on the MEMBER ACTIVITY page of this website. Please do not call the store and ask our retail staff because they will not have the information you are looking for. All they can do is refer you back to this website.


This community supports ladies only options. When necessary, we also enforce a firm no contact policy. Female members who do not wish to be contacted by male members may say so in their player profiles. They may also choose not to accept friend requests from male members. Harassment from male members is not tolerated and is taken very seriously.


Maintaining community standards is critical to ensuring positive member experiences. Our staff monitor this site on a regular basis. However, it is up to the members themselves to maintain our community standards.

  • Members are required to represent their running levels honestly.
  • Members are required to represent themselves honestly. (Anonymous participation is not permitted.)
  • Members are required to be responsive to communications from other members.
  • Members are required to keep appointments and to be punctual.
  • Members are required to be good sports.
  • Members are required to respect the wishes of other players.


New members are welcome to join anytime. Our community is set up with a online points system that allows new members to become involved gradually and to get to know other members online between seasons and between activities. We understand that it can take time for people to get to know each other. It can also take time to find the perfect running partner. While they are waiting and while they are getting to know people, new members can earn points and badges for participating online for coming out to group activities. New members can even earn points just for lurking and reading about what is going on.

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