Benefits to Working the Badges

“Working the badges” is a phrase you hear around here a lot. It refers to our badge program which was created in 2017 to build our community and to guide new players toward engagement.

Our community website has a built in points system that rewards players for certain activities. As points are accumulated, badges are awarded for achieving certain milestones. Players with certain kinds of badges become recognized leaders with special privileges and discounts.

Players can find their badges under MY PROFILE. Badges that have not been eared yet are visible, but are greyed out. As badges are earned, they change colour. As badges level up, they change colour again.

Not all badges are leveled — some are one-of-a-kind accomplishment badges — but most are. The most important leveled badges for new players to work are the seven core badges in the GOLD BADGE MEMBERSHIP series. These badges were created to guide new players into the kinds of engagement that will result in active engagement in our community. These badges are as follows:


The best way for new players to become engaged is to work these badges because working these badges will make them familiar with the people and resources at the core of this community.

In our experience, most new players are a little timid. They want to be involved, but they have some reservations. They wonder if they are good enough. They are a little suspicious about the motives of other players. They are not quite sure how best to get involved and just need a little time to figure things out.

Working the badges gives new players some no-risk engagement tasks to work on while they slowly gain some self confidence and learn their way around their new community.

While they work these badges, two other equally important things are happening as well. First, being active on the site keeps new players at the top of the MEMBER DIRECTORY where they are most likely to be noticed by active members. Second, working the badges gives community members some time to get to know them.

Breaking into a new community can take some time and everybody does it at their own pace. Working the badges helps to guide new players toward active engagement.

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