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How to Extend Your Membership for Free

This community was set up to say thank you to our loyal customers. We appreciate the fact that our customers choose to support our Calgary-owned family business over some corporate box store or online mega-mall. As an expression of our gratitude, we extend community memberships by one day for every dollar spent in-store or online. […]

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How to Earn Points with Updates

Updating your profile daily is one of the easiest ways to earn points towards badges and increase your rank. Below are some ideas for updates that will help you earn points. 1. Update your profile with upcoming runs … E.g. “Running with Bob tonight. Wish me luck.” 2. Update your profile with run results … […]

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How to Report Harassment

Racquet Network takes harassment of female members by male members very seriously. Male players are required to respect the CONTACT PREFERENCES of female players. If male players are attempting to friend or contact female players who have indicated that they wish to be contacted by FEMALE PLAYERS ONLY, we want to know about it. Step […]

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How to Avoid Being Deleted

New members who join our community have five days to complete their profiles. Members with incomplete profiles are deleted regularly. Here are some step-by-step instructions that will ensure that our staff do not delete your account. Step 1 – Complete your member profile. (Required). Step 2 – Use your real first and last names. (Required) […]

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How to Find Members at Your Level

Before contacting other runners in this community, it is essential to complete your member profile. Most members in this community will not accept friend requests and will not respond to messages from members with incomplete profiles. Please ensure that you have a first and last name, a profile photo and that all of the questions […]

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How to Check Your Friend Requests

Step-by-step instructions for checking your notifications. Step 1 – Login Step 2 – Go to MY STUFF > MY NOTIFICATIONS Step 3 – Select UNREAD to see new notifications Step 4 – Select READ to see old notifications This is the area where you will find friendship requests and other important notifications ALL HOW TOS

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How to Edit Your Profile Photo

Step-by-step instructions for completing your profile. Step 1 – Login Step 2 – Go to MY STUFF > MY PROFILE Step 3 – Click on CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO Step 4 – Follow the instructions on your screen Once your profile is complete and once you have uploaded a profile photo, you may apply to become […]

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How to Edit Your Profile

Step-by-step instructions for completing your profile. Step 1 – Login Step 2 – Go to MY STUFF > MY PROFILE Step 3 – Click on EDIT Step 4 – Enter information into every section in your profile Step 5 – Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form Once this is complete and […]

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