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Run Fast – Day 4

21 JULY 2017 Before the run … This is my fourth day in a row running, which is generally not a good idea for somebody who has not been running over the past five months. I should not be running today; I should be resting. I am feeling great though. So I am going to […]

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Run Fast – Day 3

20 JULY 2017 Before the run … Having run the past two days in a row, I am monitoring my body closely for signs of stress. If I notice any warning signs, I will take a rest day. Today, however, I am feeling nothing unusual. I have no blisters. I am not tired. I am […]

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Run Fast – Day 2

Day 2. Feeling fine. 19 JULY 2017 Before the run … Nothing new today. Same as yesterday. 10 sets of 2:1s at a stride rate of 180/minute. Stride length today same as yesterday: short. (Avoiding injury risk. If things go well today, I will lengthen my stride tomorrow.) The goal remains the same. Run fast […]

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Run Fast – Day 1

OK. Here we go. Day 1. 18 JULY 2017 I have deliberately let myself get way, way, way out of shape over the past five months so that I can test this new training program which has been rolling around in my brain since the fall of 2016. My working theory is that the new […]

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