Leaders, Followers and Wannabes

Within any community athletic community there are three kinds of players: leaders, followers and wannabes. Leaders lead, followers follow and wannabes want to be active but just can’t seem to pull it off.

Our community makes room for all three because we know that the vast majority of players will be in all three of these categories at some point in their amateur athletic career. While some may trend more toward one category than the others, nearly everyone will go through peaks and valleys as they graduate from school, start careers, start families and struggle for balance in their working lives.

Statistically speaking, about 10% of our players will be leaders at any given moment. They will be highly active frequent players. At the same time, about 30% of our players will be somewhat active. These players will play as often as they can, but that just won’t be very often.

This means that approximately 60% of the people in this community will be relatively inactive most of the time. They may want to be active, but for whatever reason, they will not be able to get out the door and get onto the court.

As a community, we want to keep the door open for these players. We want them to have a place to go when they are ready to become active players again.

It is unreasonable to expect that any player will be active 100% of the time. Some players are active part of the year over many years. Others are active for a few years at a stretch and then inactive for a few more. Some players are active sporadically with no apparent pattern.

While players are active, they tend to get frustrated with players who are inactive. They can’t understand why these people join our community and then appear not to participate.

Our advice to active players is to look for other active players and to focus their energy on them. Trying to activate players who have been inactive for six months or more is almost always a waste of time. Chances are they are not even checking their messages anymore.

The MEMBER DIRECTORY is the first place you should look to figure out who is active. By default, it is organized so that recently active players are at the top of the list. Since activity is the best indicator of potential engagement, we recommend starting with these players.

By the same logic, players who want to signal that they are open to engagement will want to login frequently in order to keep themselves at the top of the MEMBER DIRECTORY. Our points system automatically rewards points to players for logging in, reading content, posting comments and other online activities, so there are built-in incentives for frequent logins even if every login does not lead to an immediate match.

“Working the badges”, a phrase you will hear around here a lot, is also a great way to stay at the top of the active membership list and signal your openness to engagement. Our badge program was created to guide players toward the types of engagement that benefit both themselves and the larger community. New players who work the badges will always become engaged in the community faster that new players who ignore the badges.

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