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We appreciate enthusiastic, active members who engage other members and get them to be active, as well. Members like these play important roles in the growth of our sports.

To show our appreciation for these amazing players, we have created a special membership category called VOLUNTEER CATALYST. Members in this category get the following special benefits in recognition of their service to our sport.


  • free one year membership extension
  • upgraded powers on this website
  • automatic upgrade to one-day turnaround on stringing services – FREE
  • Racquet Network over grip with every restring – FREE
  • racquet stencil with every restring – FREE
  • no-deposit demo racquet privileges
  • first refusal privileges on clearance demo racquets (50-70% off regular price)
  • One pair of ASICS running shoes per season at 25% BELOW WHOLESALE (until program ends)
  • 50% off one sport towel
  • Periodic special gifts, discounts and coupon codes
  • consideration for seasonal major brand sponsorship


Every year, one Volunteer Catalyst is selected for a one-year brand sponsorship by a major brand that includes the following:

  • 50% off new racquet
  • 50% off new bag
  • 50% off new apparel
  • 50% off new shoes
  • free accessories

If the player selected for sponsorship has been active for two years or more, they may qualify a sponsorship discount of 75%.

If the player selected for sponsorship has been active for three years or more, they may qualify a sponsorship discount of 100%.


  • Regularly plays matches and reports scores to the MEMBER ACTIVITY stream
  • Regularly posts positive messages in the MEMBER ACTIVITY page on this website
  • Regularly posts positive messages in the GROUPS section on this website
  • Has posted positive reviews about Racquet Network on Facebook, Yelp and Google+
  • Regularly attends off court training activities and seminars
  • Has achieved Gold Badge member status
  • Has achieved a rank of LEADER


If you believe that you have met the basic requirements for a VOLUNTEER CATALYST, please send a private message through this website to RACQUET NETWORK STAFF. They will look at your account and confirm that you meet the requirements. Once confirmed our staff will update your account so that you can enjoy the benefits of being a VOLUNTEER CATALYST.


In addition to their activity as Catalyst Volunteers, the sponsoring brand will want to see examples of product reviews posted on Players who already use their brand and who have already reviewed some of their products will receive special consideration.


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