There are two types of meetups: formal and informal.


Formal meetups are company events that are organized by our staff and listed in the ACTIVITIES section of the catalog. During formal meetups, facilities (if required for the activity) is booked and paid for by Racquet Network. Staff are present and direct all activities at all formal meetups. A full site safety inspection is completed prior to the start of the event and all event participants are covered by our insurance policies.

All formal meetups are advertised through the ACTIVITIES & MEETUPS newsletter. If you wish to be invited you must subscribe to the ACTIVITIES & MEETUPS newsletter. If you do not subscribe to this newsletter, you will not be invited. If you do not read the newsletter, you will not find out about these events.


Informal meetups are organized by members and are advertised in the GROUPS section of the website. Informal meetups are not Racquet Network activities and Racquet Network is not responsible for anything that does or does not happen at these meetups. Racquet Network staff are not permitted to participate in informal meetups. Participants are not covered by our insurance policies. In all cases, players attending informal meetups are responsible for their own facility fees. Participants are also responsible for their own safety.

Members are welcome to organize and advertise their own meetups in the GROUPS section of this website. Please be clear about dates, times, locations and any required fees. Please also be advised that we do not allow anybody to profit from organizing meetups on this website.


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