Points Program

Our online points program application automatically adds points to user accounts for certain activities, such as visiting the website, logging in, viewing pages, updating profiles, friending players and making comments.

Over the course of the year, we offer rewards and incentives to members who have reached certain thresholds.

For example, we send out special gifts to members with 500 points or more. We sometimes invite guest coaches to do special training events for members with 1000 points or more. And occasionally, we do special demo events and invite only members who have reached particular point thresholds.

Online points are just one way we have to measure the contributions made by our most active members. Our staff and coaches monitor the points as they are collected and figure out ways to reward those who are leading by example.


Members may access MY PROFILE under the PROFILE tab for a tally of their current points. To determine what they have received points for, they can check under the HISTORY tab in their profile.

Racquet Network does not publish a list of points attached to particular events and reserves the right to change point values at any time. In order to prevent abuse, policies are in place to reward members who visit this website daily and to penalize players who might wish to spam the points system.


Ranks are assigned to members based on the points they have accumulated over time. Therefore ranks are not necessarily based on the number of points in a member’s account at any given time.

NEW MEMBER – 0-99 points
ACTIVE PLAYER – 100-199 points
VETERAN – 200-499 points
LEADER – 500-1499 points
MASTER – 1500-2999 points
HERO – 3000-4999 points
SUPERHERO – 5000+ points


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