Profile Requirements

Everybody is here because they want to meet other runners and engage in running activities. With this in mind we have some basic rules regarding user profiles that every member is required to follow. Accounts that do not meet these requirements are deleted. New players get a five day grace period to ensure that their profiles comply to these requirements. After that, they can be deleted.

Rule 1 – Use your real first and last names. E.g. JOHN SMITH. Not JOHN. Not JOHN S. Not sportyguy51. JOHN SMITH is the only thing we will accept. Players here want to know who they are playing. Furthermore, we have learned over the past decade that everybody behaves more respectfully if their real name is attached to their account. So this is a mandatory requirement.

Rule 2 – Show us what you look like. Upload a real photo of your face. Not your dog. Not you and your girlfriend. Not you at a party with Sean Bean. Your profile photo should be of you and only you. If players are shopping for somebody to run with, they want to be able to see your face. We presume you want to see their face as well, so this is also a mandatory requirement.

Rule 3 – Be honest in your profile about who you want to run with and the level you are at right now. It doesn’t matter if you were the world junior track champion 20 years ago. Members need to know what level you are at right now. If that changes, please update your profile when it changes.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to complete your profile. If every member follows these three simple rules, we have a solid foundation for an online community that works for everyone. Thanks in advance for respecting these rules.

Profile Photo Tips

The picture must show your face clearly, and be a truthful representation of you.

  • Do not use pictures that contain other people.
  • Do not wear sunglasses. Your eyes and face must be clearly visible.
  • Do not use pictures that you are too small to be seen clearly.
  • Do not use picture that there is not enough space around your face (Too close).
  • Do not use pictures that the lighting is not bright enough.
  • Do not use blurry or unclear pictures.
  • Do not use pictures with a busy background that detracts from you.
  • Do not use certificate or official document photos.
  • Do not use pictures that have commercial logos.
  • Do not use pictures that display personal contact information.
  • Do not edit pictures in a way that is misleading or obstructs your face.
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