Activity Points are a measure of each member’s contribution to our community. Players with few points are relatively new and have not yet made significant contributions to our community. Therefore they have not yet earned any of the privileges that come with more points and higher ranks.

LEADERS have been active in our community for several months and have accumulated 500-1499 Activity Points. They know several players and are very familiar with out website, policies, procedures, activities and events. Most players at this rank are playing regularly and are attending community activities and events.

Benefits at this level are …


  • are recognized as community leaders at Racquet Network events
  • are registered as verified members and encourage new players to become registered immediately
  • are getting regular notices about events through the newsletter
  • are actively engaged with other members of the community
  • are burning calories and increasing fitness by regularly engaging in events and activities
  • are benefiting from an activity-based social life that includes more opportunities to do healthy things
  • are working the badges in order to engage our community and increase their rank
  • are willing to help NEW MEMBERS and ACTIVE PLAYERS become more engaged in the community

In order to advance to the next rank, LEADERS should …

  • ensure that their member profile is completely up-to-date and truthful
  • be actively engaged in our community by communicating and participating in activities with other members
  • be earning referral points and helping strengthen the community by referring their friends and co-workers to our community
  • be actively posting messages/comments and responding to messages/comments in order to help NEW MEMBERS and ACTIVE PLAYERS
  • work the badges in order to increase their engagement with our community
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