Activity Points are a measure of each member’s contribution to our community. Players with few points are relatively new and have not yet made significant contributions to our community. Therefore they have not yet earned any of the privileges that come with more points and higher ranks.

NEW MEMBERS have joined our community recently and have less than 100 Activity Points. They are still getting to know people and may need help from members in figuring out how things work and how to contribute.

Benefits at this level are …

  • becoming active in the community
  • meeting new people
  • eligible for members-only special offers
  • eligible for members-only activities
  • eligible for members-only events


  • meeting new people to play with
  • making their first connections with our community
  • learning how our community website works
  • learning about policies and programs
  • seeking information about activities and events

In order to advance to the next rank, NEW MEMBERS should …

  • immediately become a verified member
  • browse every section on the website including activities, lessons and products
  • develop a member profile that is completely up-to-date and truthful
  • respond to messages/comments in order to develop rapport with other members
  • work the badges in order to increase their exposure within our community
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