Run Fast – Day 2

Day 2. Feeling fine.

19 JULY 2017

Before the run …

Nothing new today. Same as yesterday. 10 sets of 2:1s at a stride rate of 180/minute. Stride length today same as yesterday: short. (Avoiding injury risk. If things go well today, I will lengthen my stride tomorrow.)

The goal remains the same. Run fast for a minute. Walk for two minutes. See how my body is reacting and determine whether it’s time to increase the intensity.

After the run …

Felt great. No discomfort. At no point during the run was I gasping for air. An hour after running, I did not feel like I had done anything strenuous.

Looking at the graph …

Did not hit the red until sets 8, 9 and 10. Heart rate recovered into the blue after the first five sets. Recovery between peaks looks fine. Total time in red was just over 2 minutes. This is 20% of running time. So that’s fine.

Looking at the numbers …

Pretty much the same as yesterday. The only major difference is maximum pace which was 5:00 yesterday and 5:31 today. Not a big deal. Yesterday was probably an anomaly. That number tends to jump around. I don’t consider it to be reliable.

Maximum heart rate today is a little higher than yesterday. 177 vs 180. Again, not a big deal. I ate dinner before going on my run today. I went running a little too soon after eating. I find that this causes my breathing to be shallower which in turn causes my heart rate to be a little higher.

And while we are on the subject of calories …

I will not be addressing the issue of diet until Week 4. However, I will say this at this time. It is a bad idea to start a new program with your workload going one way (up) while your calorie intake is going the other way (down). For the first four weeks of any program, it is essential to keep your calorie intake flat. In fact, athletes who are already on strictly structured diets will often increase their caloric intake as their workload increases.

Health is the most important consideration hear. Dropping calories while increasing workload is not healthy in any sense of the word.

Today’s Summary

SETS: 10
TIME IN RED: 2:14 (~20%)
AVERAGE PACE: 8:37 min/km
DISTANCE: 3.53 km

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