Run Fast – Day 3

20 JULY 2017

Before the run …

Having run the past two days in a row, I am monitoring my body closely for signs of stress. If I notice any warning signs, I will take a rest day.

Today, however, I am feeling nothing unusual. I have no blisters. I am not tired. I am not stiff. I have no aches or pains, major or minor. So I am certain I can handle running 1:2s for a third straight day.

During the run …

Feeling fine. No stress. No discomfort. Not struggling in any sense. Not gasping for air.

Stride length during the first set is short. Lengthen it to medium for the last seven sets of the run. Keeping technical focus on knee drive and arm drive. Not thinking about pushing off. Everything feels good.

After the run …

As the run ends, I am thinking I could easily add another five sets, which would take me over the 5K mark. Also considering the possibility of just redistributing time within the set — maybe moving 15 seconds from the walk interval to the run interval.

Looking at the graphs …

I can see why I was feeling so confident today. Looking at the recovery periods (on the line graph) … after most of the first six sets, I can see that I was bottoming out. My heart rate was fully recovering, which means that I definitely have more capacity to shift time from the walk interval to the run interval.

The bar graph below it makes the same point. Only 1:12 of my running time was spent in the red. That’s about 10%. So it’s pretty clear that I have room to increase intensity.

Looking at the numbers …

There isn’t much of a difference from yesterday. I can see, though, that my maximum heart rate and my average heart rate are both lower. So as with the line graph, this indicates that I should be able in increase my intensity tomorrow.

I think I will move from 0:1:00 of running to 0:1:15 running and 0:1:45 walking. This might not sound like much, but if you do the math, that is a 25% increase in workload.

Normally, a 25% increase in workload is too much for a single step. Normally, I would advise keeping any increases to about 10%. But given that we are starting at a very low level, I think it is an acceptable test. If it proves to be too much, I can back off a bit.

Today’s Summary

SETS: 10
TIME IN RED: 1:14 (~10%)
AVERAGE PACE: 8:37 min/km
DISTANCE: 3.53 km

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