Run Fast – Day 4

21 JULY 2017

Before the run …

This is my fourth day in a row running, which is generally not a good idea for somebody who has not been running over the past five months. I should not be running today; I should be resting.

I am feeling great though. So I am going to risk it.

As planned, I am also going to increase my run time from one minute to one minute and fifteen seconds (0:1:15), which might not sound like much, but is. In fact, it is a 25% increase in workload, which is risky. Workload increases like this often lead to injury. So I have to be attentive today and I have to rest tomorrow.

During the run …

Everything seems fine. I am not struggling. I am not gasping for air. I am feeling so good that I move to a medium stride length. The only issue seems to be a burning sensation on the sole of my right foot.

After the run …

As the run ends, I am again thinking I could easily add another five sets, which would take me over the 5K mark.

Looking at the graphs …

The first thing I notice is that my heart rate was recovering into the blue during the first five sets. In spite of the fact that I increased my workload by 25%, it’s clear that my cardiovascular system was ready for it.

The other major thing of note is the bar graph which shows total time in the red as just 13 seconds (0:0:13). This is an enormous surprise. Give the 25% increase in workload, I expected at least two minutes in the red.

Looking at the numbers …

My maximum heart rate dropped again. In spite of the increased workload, my average heart rate dropped again today. Clearly, I was running faster today than yesterday. My average pace yesterday was 8:37 min/km. Today it dropped to 8:25. So this is a good sign. Question is: will this result be repeated on my next run? If so, it will be time to recalibrate once again.

Oops …

An hour after the run, I noticed a hole in my sock. An hour after that, I notice a burning spot on the sole of that foot. It’s not a blister, but it is a friction burn.

Friction burns are a common running injury. They are a symptom of overtraining. In this case, it is my body telling me that I should not have run four days in a row.

Unless I want to be forced to take a full week off, I’d better take the next two days off.

Today’s Summary

SETS: 10
TIME IN RED: 0:13 (~10%)
AVERAGE PACE: 8:25 min/km
DISTANCE: 3.40 km

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